Never Asked Questions (NAQs)

What is radhyaa?

radhyaa is a brand that believes what does good, looks good. And what looks good, does good.

Where is radhyaa based?

Its inspiration is based in nature, seasons, colours, moods, cultures and life itself. It's headquartered in Jaipur.

How do you make this?

We make most of our products with our hands. So, no two are alike. But they're a set, much like families.

Who makes this?

Machines are not our artists. Local artists who’ve worked with us for generations are.

It looks lovely, but my househelp can be quite reckless.

Don't worry. Every piece can be washed by the toughest, roughest hands out there. It's a match made in the sink.

What if it it slips?

While our products are househelp proof, we’re afraid it isn’t gravity-proof yet.

Will wood look just as good as the day I bought it?

Wood grows old, as do people. Just rub it with coconut, sunflower or olive oil and watch it age gracefully.

Is it okay to chop on wooden boards?

Of course. They're absolutely food-safe. Sure your knives will leave marks on the wood but that's just wood ageing gracefully.

Is fusing materials safe?

Yes. Nature is full of fusions. We've learnt from the very best.

Is this safe to eat in? Will the polish on the wood enter my food?

We have one word for you: Never. It's entirely food safe.

I use a dishwasher. Can I wash it in one?

Most of our products are handmade, they like the touch of a hand when they’re cleaned too. We'd recommend keeping them away from dishwashers. Our ceramic products are friendly with the dishwasher though.

What about soaps? Can I use soaps?

Sure you can. Use any kind except the harsh ones. Kindness is for everyone.

If I use spoons, will it leave scratches?

The wood comes with a coat of food-safe varnish that keeps scratches away. It may end up with marks overtime, but that’s just wood ageing gracefully.

Can I put ceramics in a microwave?

Of course. In fact ceramics are the best baking companions.

What about breakage?

If you receive a damaged product, let us know within 48 hrs of receiving the product and we’ll get it replaced as soon as possible. And while using it, it’ll survive everything except slippery hands.

How can I clean your metallic products?

Metal doesn’t like being left unwashed for longer. Give it a bath immediately after use and wipe it dry with a cloth.

Do you gift wrap these?

Sure, we'd love to gift wrap it for you.

How serious are you about sustainability?

We send our delicate products without bubble-wrapping them. That's how serious.

How long does it take to ship things?

Well, that completely depends where you stay. But we try and do it as fast as possible.

When do you recommend I use your products?

Every day. Why should occasions have all the fun?

But what about occasions then?

We feel owning more sets never hurt anybody.

Isn't terracotta delicate?

Come to think of it, it's only as delicate as we are clumsy. And just in case you drop it, it's so sustainable, it'll come back to you in another form soon.

Doesn't terracotta catch fungus?

It can, on wet monsoon days. But you need to wash it every day. If you give it some sunshine, even better. Please follow care instructions given with the product before its debut.

Can I put the terracotta utensils directly on the flame for cooking?

Terracotta gets along with flame, but only from a distance. A wire frame stove works well. It also goes well with the microwave and oven.

How can I wash the terracotta curd setter?

Just give them a rinse with a mild detergent or baking soda. Please follow care instructions given with the product before its debut.